What You Are Saying So Far

We have been lucky enough to speak to some passionate people over the past few weeks. You have been telling us exactly what it is you love about the QEII Medical Centre, what it is you’d like to see improved, and what you think should be considered for the future of the Master Plan.


This is what we’re hearing so far:

Our priority game showed where you think the Master Plan should focus:



Our neighbour survey is highlighting some key insights into the wants and needs of those who neighbour the QEIIMC:


We had many people tell us that they loved the parks and the river around QEIIMC. You like that the centre is close to the city and you feel a real sense of community in the area. Additionally, you think the quality of facilities and services on-site and the attraction of leading researchers, clinicians, and educators is of a high level. We’re hearing that traffic is a concern along with construction impacts from recent development on site.

Our user survey is highlighting some key insights into the wants and needs of those who work at QEIIMC:


You frequently visit the cafes and restaurants on and around campus, as well as the shops. You also like the local area for the parks and greenery. We have heard from many of you that you would like to see improvements in certain areas such as parking and public transport, as well as improved movement throughout the QEIIMC. You are keen to better understand what great research and work that is happening on site and are looking for more opportunities for fitness and recreation.

We had some great conversations in the Futures in Focus Workshop sessions, with stakeholders sharing thoughts on what unifies efforts at QEIIMC and the potential for the campus:


 We heard that there is a long history of excellent care at QEIIMC and that research and education activity is translated into great clinical outcomes. We spoke about the opportunity to enhance collaboration across organisations and come together under a shared vision for the future.

Especially interesting was the emerging feedback that you are keen to have more of a say in decision-making around the QEIIMC. A real desire to be included in these big decisions is reflected in the feedback we have received so far.

We think it’s great that so many of you want to have more of a say in informing the future of QEIIMC, and we want to help you do just that. If you haven’t completed the survey yet, make sure you take the chance to have your voice heard here. If you are looking for other ways to get involved, click here.