My QEIIMC Future – Anna Vanderbom and Brian Langen...

My QEIIMC Future – Anna Vanderbom and Brian Langenberg

Local residents Anna Vanderbom and Brian Langenberg are excited about the future of Queen Elizabeth II Medical Centre (QEIIMC).


“The first thing I’d like to say,” says Anna as she sits down at Coffee Anatomy, “is that we are very lucky to have QEIIMC.”

Brian nods his agreement and sits next to her. She continues, “Staff service is exceptional, and the facility compares well to other medical centres in Perth.”

Anna and Brian point to the map on the table, a smaller version of the large comments map at the engagement hubs, and list the places they love at QEIIMC and what they are hopeful to see from the Master Plan. Both speak with enthusiasm at the future potential for the area they live in.

“These green areas,” Brian says, “they’re just fantastic, and we would love to see more trees and green spaces in the centre for everyone to use.”

Both Anna and Brian have seen many changes at QEIIMC over the years. New buildings and new developments have arrived and changed the landscape of the Campus, and they are pleased to have been consulted throughout the process.

Despite some concerns about increased traffic, the ongoing consideration of transportation and parking needs for QEIIMC has impressed the Nedlands residents.

“I’m from the days where you could sail around here and do seventy to Loftus Street,” Brian says, gesturing to Winthrop Avenue and the entrance to the multi-storey car park, “but things change, and like everything else at QEIIMC we all have to understand that these changes are for a reason.”

“We like to know safety on the roads is a high priority as traffic increases,” Anna says, “Monash Avenue has many people walking across it and I would love to see further initiatives put in place to increase the level of safety for residents, patients and staff.”

Buses at QEIIMC

Brian agrees, tracing his finger along the roads and explaining that although he doesn’t think Lycra is for him, he still loves to cycle, and the area has the potential to be beautiful for cyclists.

“There are great cycle paths around QEIIMC, especially towards Stirling Highway and along Winthrop Avenue, and I think if there were more options for cyclists, there would be less traffic.”

As residents, Anna and Brian say they have no trouble finding their way about the surrounds of QEIIMC and within the Campus itself, but they add that, for some newcomers to the area, it might not be as easy.

“I would love to see more signage,” Anna says. Brian adds “More internal and external way-finding for patients and visitors would be good to help further remove the existing stress of traumatic times.”

They sit back and think of anything else they would like to add. Anna leans forward and places her hand over the entire map of QEIIMC.

“QEIIMC is in a perfect position to be the community friendly hospital, the place that cares about you, the place to come if something has happened because you know they will support you.”


“We’re looking forward to the future of QEII,” Brian says, “This is a high-quality Medical Centre offering great services to Western Australians. That nexus between different areas on campus working collectively towards better, more innovative solutions for healthcare is exciting.”