Queen Elizabeth II Medical Centre (QEIIMC) is one of Australia’s foremost medical campuses providing clinical, education and research functions in support of Western Australia’s health care needs.  

The next phase of development will be guided by a new Master Plan which will consider what’s required to ensure QEII continues deliver world leading health care, medical research and education now and in the future.

Our medical teams, tenants, on-site providers and visitors, neighbours and other stakeholders will be an important part of this master planning process.  We are committed to an extensive community and stakeholder engagement process to inform the master planning process and to balance the needs of the medical centre with neighbouring precincts and the community.”

Chairman of the QEIIMC Trust Board, Mr Steven Cole

The Queen Elizabeth II Medical Centre Trust (QEIIMC Trust) is a statutory authority established to guide the development and management of the 28.4 hectares of land, which makes up the QEIIMC campus, located within the suburb of Nedlands in the City of Perth.

Development of the Campus has to date delivered significant medical, educational and research infrastructure, including: a Comprehensive Cancer Centre, the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research, the Ralph and Patricia Sarich Neuroscience Research Institute, the PathWest building, the Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital Mental Health Unit, the new Perth Children’s Hospital, the mortuary bereavement viewing room, and other critical infrastructure to support the Campus.

This next phase of work will build on these achievements and provide a planning framework to guide development for decades to come.

A new Master Plan will bring efficiency, sustainability and long-term growth by stimulating business, investment and innovation. Health and knowledge precincts play a crucial role as hubs for health, education and research related services, commercial activity, community and essential services, and their growth will bring ongoing benefits to almost every person in WA, along with supporting economic activity and employment growth for the state.

Crucial to the success of the QEIIMC is the engagement of health, research and education service providers, employees, end users, related business groups, future innovators and community champions to drive project specific leadership for this exciting project. The master planning process will bring stakeholders to contribute to the planning process. The engagement process will run throughout 2018 and will provide opportunities for people to participate in processes that explore innovation in health centre delivery, user experience, place-making, investment attraction and much more.

Project Timeline


Confirm the purpose and vision of the Master Plan, review all statutory requirements, conduct context analysis, undertake preliminary engagement, explore options for an integrated design approach.


Develop a series of design scenarios for review and refinement into a detailed Master Plan concept. Provide opportunities for community and stakeholder to review the draft Master Plan and incorporate any feedback


Create an implementation plan, with identified priority actions and timelines, prepare a capital cost plan, and outline processes for governance and approvals.

Project Information

Project Team