The QEIIMC Interactive Map is Live!

The QEIIMC Interactive Map is Live!

We’re excited to announce the release of our online interactive map! Now it’s even easier to add your comments, look through other feedback and contribute to the future of the QEIIMC.


Click Here To Place a Comment on The Interactive Map


Our pop-up engagements around the QEIIMC gave you multiple ways to share your ideas with us, and one engagement method proved to be most popular.

Our comments map was a firm favourite of everyone who visited us during our engagement sessions at Coffee Anatomy and Watling Walk. By the end of each day, we could only just see the map beneath all the comments!



You stuck over 280 notes to locations on our maps, ranging in content from things you loved, to things you’d love to see improve.

This feedback is invaluable for us in understanding issues and opportunities around campus. Using maps to visualise the place or area you are giving feedback on helps us to better understand what you want to see for the future of the QEIIMC, and where exactly you want to see it happen.

With your contribution, we can recognise spatial patterns and trends across the QEIIMC, identify problem spots and gather more suggestions and ideas for improvements.



But if you didn’t get the chance to contribute to our maps with a note of your own don’t worry!

Visit our map here, drag the pin to the area you would like to comment on, write us a short description of something you love, or something you’d love to see, and add it to the map.

It’s that easy.

We are looking forward to reading through all of your comments and taking on board the suggestions to help us inform the future of the QEIIMC Master Planning Project.

For more information or to get in touch with us please visit our contact page here