My QEIIMC Future – Daheng Xia

“I just want to see the trees and natural environment stay.”

Daheng Xia is a doctor. On one of his rare breaks between work and more work he talks about the changes he has noticed over the past few years.

“It has gotten a lot busier for sure. There’s a lot happening all over the place, which is great.”

Doctor Xia points to the general areas of the Queen Elizabeth II Medical Centre (QEIIMC) as he lists off the different areas that people work in.

“There’s a lot going on right now,” he says, “there’s university staff, there’s obviously new Perth Children’s Hospital staff, and there’s the original Sir Charles Gardiner Hospital campus here as well,”

“How it will all work and mesh together in the future I’m not sure.”

Like most people, Doctor Xia has his concerns, concerns which have been exacerbated lately with issues surrounding parking and traffic.

“Traffic around here has been shocking lately,” he says, “and the changes with the parking, well personally I’m not the biggest fan.”

But Doctor Xia understands why these issues have come about.

“When you bring more people to a single site you obviously need to be able to accommodate everyone.

“I would like to see the parking improve to what it was like before but I understand if it’s not possible due to the increased number of people.

“I think the area still has the feel of a really good medical center. It still has the natural environment, we’ve got trees and buildings all together, It’s lively. You can tell that there’s diversity too. There’s students, patients, visitors, doctors, allied health, it’s a diverse and lively area.”

So if Doctor Xia had his way?

He laughs and looks around taking in the question.

“Look, I just want to see the trees and natural environment stay. I think nature is something that people really enjoy.”

The ‘My QEIIMC Future’ series celebrates the people of QEIIMC and their aspirations for the future of the Campus. If you’ve got a story about working at or visiting QEIIMC, we’d love to hear it. Please get in touch to arrange an interview.